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In order to write the Startup Evolution Curve, a marketing manual for startups, I did a global research on startups surveying 1,447 founders and running close to 500 in-depth interviews.

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Startup Marketing Mistakes: Top 10

Concept of Startup Evolution Curve

Get more than 20 templates from the book

  • 1

    Value Proposition Design Template

    Don't create products and services blindly. Find out your customer's most painful problems, desired needs and annoying everyday jobs in order to create fantastic products and services that customers love!

  • 2

    Experiment Task & Result Cards

    True startups always challenge new great ideas. But business success depends on how welcomed your ideas are in the real market. Clear almost any uncertainty by rising and checking right hypothesis!

  • 3

    Business Model Canvas

    Creating a good product or service is one part of the job. Another one is monetizing it! Develop your business model and update it as you get new information vital to your business.

  • 4

    Marketing Plan Scheme

    Planning your marketing activity is much easier, if you know how to do it in a simple way. This template allows you creating a simple visualized marketing plan on a single page!

  • 5

    Marketing Schedule Spreadsheet

    Once you have a one page marketing plan, get everything under control with this spreadsheet: what and when should be done, who's responsible for what and how much will it cost you in each stage.

  • 6

    Startup Budget Spreadsheet

    Each startup should clearly know current "cash burn" rate and it's financial perspectives. This spreadsheet will help you easily prepare your budget estimations for 24 month.

  • 7

    Fundraising Series Spreadsheet

    Be absolutely clear about invested capital and share ownership before and after each fundraising series.

  • Much more to be discovered...

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Haven't red the book yet? Not a problem! You can download more than 100 pages from the book for FREE. This excerpt covers the whole Stage 1 where you will find out why and how to do the market feasibility study before investing your time and money.

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Find out how to do the market feasibility study

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Donatas' book is like an IKEA guide for building your next startup. Startup Evolution Curve is a detailed, comprehensive, understandable, and - most important - deeply practical instruction handbook. Every piece of information is based on more than 1,000 different practices, processes, routines, and tips from existing startups. That makes it a must-read when launching your next big thing.

Michal Tomek
Michal Tomek Co-founder & Editor at Slovak STARTUP

I don’t know any book that sums up better the startup evolution and growth than the ‘Startup Evolution Curve‘ by Dr. Donatas Jonikas: The question isn’t only what you should do; it’s what and when you should do. So, if you are early stage startup founder and already have some innovative ideas, this is one of the most thought-provoking books you should give a try in 2017. Also, if you are looking for in-depth advice about topics such as business feasibility, market experiments, fundraising, product launch, and growth hacking, then this book is again an excellent choice to look for ideas and a different perspective.

Velimir Tasic
Velimir Tasic Co-founder of ESAA entrepreneurship incubator

I know how challenging it is to build a successful startup (I’ve already developed three). If I could have read this book before creating my first startup, I would have avoided many pitfalls and tons of frustration. My philosophy is to always be coached and this book is full of guidance, not only for the early stage entrepreneurs but also for the already successful ones. None of the books will keep you from failure, but this one will definitely help you make better decisions.

Ariel Mizrahi
Ariel Mizrahi Serial Entrepreneur & Mentor at StartupMexico

The Startup Evolution Curve is filled to the brim with useful tools and insights presented in a very structured way. Simply a great guide for first-time and serial entrepreneurs alike.

Andy Cars
Andy Cars Lean Startup Coach, Founder of Lean Ventures

Startup Evolution Curve reveals must-know essentials and strategies for early-stage startup founders. It is impressive how Donatas collected all the essentials and must know's for startups in one, easy-to-read book! I highly recommend Startup Evolution Curve to every startup founder from idea to the growth stage as a Bible of a startup journey.

Nelli Orlova
Nelli Orlova Co-founder & CEO at InnMind

This book is a great way to rehearse some of the crucial elements that you need to align in order to have a successful business. Think about it like a roadmap that will guide you to the most important stages in your startup: 1. Feasibility Study, 2. Hypotheses and Experiments, 3. Fundraising, 4. Product Launch and the very hot topic of 5. Growth Hacking. Donatas has gathered together the essentials that I would love to have received from my entrepreneurship classes in high school and during my Business University degree.

Startup Evolution Curve is in the same league with The Four Steps to the Epiphany by Steve Blank and The Art of Start by Guy Kawasaki. I would recommend Startup Evolution Curve to startup enthusiasts, first time or serial entrepreneurs, and even to my own kids!

Denis Todirica
Denis Todirica StartupChile Entrepreneur. Forbes 30 under 30

Startup Evolution Curve is a masterpiece of practical, actionable, and easy-to-follow steps to turn an idea into a profitable and scalable business. Donatas has provided would-be entrepreneurs with a blueprint for building a business, along with some excellent templates and tools to help you during the journey. I am very impressed with the depth of the research, the range of examples and case studies, and the honesty and sincerity with which Donatas provides advice and guidance. This is a must-read for anyone thinking of starting a business or growing an existing business.

Debra Partridge
Debra Partridge Owner PearTree Consulting

Dr. Jonikas combines academic research, observations from studying hundreds of startups, and personal experience to craft a solid framework for taking a new venture from idea stage through solid growth. His advice includes both what should be done, and what mistakes to avoid. He also references a variety of online tools that might be missing from other "how to" books, even a year or two old. It's a solid reference book for experienced entrepreneurs and a valuable roadmap for first-time founders. It's organized in a way that allows readers to jump into the sections of particular interest, so it isn't necessary to start at the beginning. It is well worth the read!

Akira Hirai
Akira Hirai Managing Director at Cayenne Consulting

Startup Evolution Curve is one the greatest books I have read, one that not only wisely and realistically touches some of the most intricate pain-points of startups, but also offers an equally wise, simplified, and detailed solution. A good thing about this book is that it opens your mind to different possibilities and perspectives. Therefore, I would love to refer it to every startup, aspirant, businessman, and student I know.

Karan Rajani
Karan Rajani Startup Advisor. Columnist @Yo! Success

About the Author

Donatas Jonikas, Ph.D.

I hold a Ph.D. in Economics and a Master’s in Marketing Management. During my practice of more than 12 years I've developed and helped to implement winning marketing strategies for more than 50 companies in different countries and industries around the globe. The scope of business I worked ranges from small local service providers up to $107 million worth pyrolysis power plant projects.

I've seen real case practice of more than 1,000 startups and will gladly share this experience with you!



In order to write the Startup Evolution Curve, a marketing manual for startups, I did a global research on startups surveying 1,447 founders and running close to 500 in-depth interviews.

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Get access to more than 20 startup marketing templates

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