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One on one 45 - 60 min. session with Donatas Jonikas (Ph.D)

Startup Marketing Supervisor

What will you get during this consultation?

Personal feedback from the expert who did the research of 1,447 startups

  • Diagnosis with interactive quiz

    To save your time and money I have designed an interactive self-assessment test that measures marketing progress and identifies weakest areas in early stage startups. I’ll review your answers before our consulting session, therefore we’ll dive into possible solutions at once, instead of just trying to get to know your situation.

  • At least 2 tasks what to do next

    We’ll identify where you should focus your attention and efforts to achieve the main goal. After this session you’ll have at least 2 action steps what to do next.

  • Set up of your marketing goals

    Even though marketing is an essential and strategic part of a startup, it doesn’t have to be difficult! We will clarify your main business and marketing goals and will focus our discussion on how you could achieve them. Even if you need just some quick fixes, we should always have in mind your main marketing goals.

  • Answers to your questions

    I will answer all your marketing related questions that are possible to answer without additional data and in-depth analysis.

What do other startup founders say?

"This can be the difference between success and failure"

Dmitry Osipa Dmitry Osipa, Founder at Pixpie

Donatas gave me multiple bright ideas how to improve our business model, marketing and sales strategy. Additionally he provided advises on our web-site to improve conversion rate. I recommend Donatas Jonikas as marketing and sales expert and looking forward for future cooperation.

Batukhan Taluy Batukhan Taluy, Founder at Uservision

Donatas has provided actionable insights and concrete solutions and further helped us tweak our way of creating campaigns in a cost-efficient and 'startup friendly' way. His knowledge could definitely be utilized for adding value to future endeavors and for solving major problems.

Vivek Jalan Vivek Jalan, Founder at Customate

Donatas has great ideas on marketing and sales that can really be the difference between success and failure. He is very details oriented and I got a lot to learn from him. I will continue to look to him for advice, which is always thorough and to the point.

Endi Hasho Endi Hasho, Co-Founder at Generation - H

I had an opportunity to consult with Donatas for our most recent start-up project. His evaluation and advice proved absolutely helpful and professional. Knowledgeable and competent, Donatas is a very valuable resource.

Who am I to advise you how to build a startup?

1,447 startups shared their experience and hard lessons with me

I hold a Ph.D. in Economics and a Master’s in Marketing Management. During my practice of more than 12 years I've developed and helped to implement winning marketing strategies for more than 50 companies in different countries and industries around the globe. The scope of business I worked ranges from small local service providers up to $107 million waste-to-energy power plant projects.

In order to write Startup Evolution Curve, a marketing manual for startups, I did the global research of 1,447 startups and nearly 500 in-depth interviews with startup founders around the world.

Hundreds of startup founders benefit from my advises and insights

Keynote and guest speaker

Workshop moderator

Course instructor

Author of Startup Evolution Curve

I can help you with...

Market Research · Competitive Analysis · Business Model · Unique Value Proposition · Marketing Strategy· Positioning · Marketing Plan· MVP· Hypotheses Verification · Fundraising Material · Go to Market · Customer Development · Marketing Automation · Growth Hacking

Avoid these top 10 startup marketing mistakes...

Don't waste your money on promoting and advertising your startup, until you read this...

  • How to estimate the potential of your business idea
  • How to analyze and outsmart your competitors
  • How to create an offer your customer will love
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