Give me 15 min a day and I will show you how to make your startup interesting for investors

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Now You Create Almost Any Kind Of Pages
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It doesn't have to be frustrating

Concerned about funding your startup?..

  • You have a great startup idea, but a lack of resources, especially time and money, to build it?...
  • Monetization of your startup is challenging and there is no sustainable revenue yet?...
  • It’s difficult to find investors who believe in you and support your idea?...

But the real problem is that...

...most startup founders focus on product development, fundraising and growth hacking, while forgetting about marketing! This is one of the most dangerous startup mistakes: build the product first, think about marketing later. My research of 1,447 startups revealed that quite many startup founders:

  • focus on building products without a clue if anybody will buy them
  • try to convince investors to give money for building these products that probably nobody’s going to buy
  • expect to find a magical growth hack that will save their business by making all potential customers to buy products they don’t want!

I guess you’ve got the point?...



Sean Ellis was cited on Business Insider where he emphasized another one problem that startup founders have to develop and validate their first business model on their own, because it’s too expensive to hire seasoned consultants at such early stage. I absolutely agree with Sean and that is why I’ve created this step-by-step system for early stage startup founders.

  • Give me 15 min a day and I'll show you how to build your startup faster and safer!
  • Spend extra 30 min and you will make your startup much more interesting for investors

Dr. Donatas Jonikas

Startup Evolution Curve is a step-by-step system how to:

  • validate your startup idea and build a business around it
  • attract investors with funds and powerful network
  • start earning sustainable revenue
  • and get ready to scale!

Based on global scientific research



This is not one of those doubtful courses on how to build your business from scratch or become rich fast.  That’s not just the video course, it’s a proven system that shows the way how to create, validate and implement your whole business model. I’ve designed this course to make startups fundable, financially self-sustainable and ready for scaling.

Invest 15 min a day and you will learn how to

  • build your startup in faster and safer way with less of investment
  • shift from guess & try method to a proven system used by successful founders
  • increase value of your startup without even investing in production or coding
  • decide when it’s time to make a pivot and to abandon your business idea
  • get highly valuable customer testimonials even before the product launch
  • on board your first clients or at least prospects and get your first revenue
  • prepare your go-to-market strategy and launch your product on budget
  • scale your business and take it to the next level

Do your homework and you will have

  • clear and validated business model
  • first sales and first paying customers
  • full deck for investors to meet them confidently
  • marketing plan that is ready to go once you strike a deal with investors
  • clear plan how to develop your startup even without outside investment
  • at least one engine of growth that will help your startup to scale big
  • more time and less stress by following actionable steps and using professional templates and swipe files
  • status of successful startup founder who found the product market fit, secured investments and exponential sales

Here is how it works

If you are 100% busy with your startup and don’t have time for other stuff, this course is definitely for you! I’ve designed it as 2in1 system: you learn by working on your startup! Short 10-15 minutes video lesson explains the very essence and gives you practical tasks that have to be done by working on your startup.  Every lesson provides you:

  • methodology and tips that helped hundreds of successful startups
  • practical tasks to work directly on your startup
  • templates or swipe files to help you with tasks and save your time

"I help early stage startups to become fundable and financially self sustainable FASTER".

- Dr. Donatas Jonikas, author of Startup Evolution Curve

Follow these 5 easy modules and spin-off your startup

1. Feasibility Study

You will be able to estimate the potential of your startup idea and craft a sustainable business model around it before investing even a penny. You will find out how to identify and manage risks, save time, money and your energy creating profitable products and services, as well as to increase the likelihood that customers will like them.

By finishing this module, you will have:

  • initial value proposition for your customers
  • estimates of how large is your market and how much you could earn
  • draft of sustainable business model

2. Hypotheses & Experiments

You will find out how to minimize the risk of failure and increase your chances of success when you intend to offer something new that was never been sold before. This module will teach you what insights and assumptions you need to check and what are the most appropriate ways to do that. Therefore you will know how to check in advance if customers will really buy it.

By finishing this module, you will have:

  • clear picture of product that customer would love to buy
  • scalable business model based on solid fats
  • go-to-market strategy

3. Fundraising

You will be able to estimate the potential of your startup idea and craft a sustainable business model around it before investing even a penny. You will find out how to identify and manage risks, save time, money and your energy creating profitable products and services, as well as to increase the likelihood that customers will like them.

By finishing this module, you will have:

  • fundraising and development milestones aligned to save you from stress
  • well-crafted fundraising material to meet investors confidently
  • the plan B if the investment is not coming as quickly as you expected

4. Product Launch

You will discover the formula of irresistible offer and will know how to make competition on price irrelevant to you. This module will reveal how to improve your sales economy, even if you haven’t started selling yet. You will be able to effectively launch your product or service into the market, and will know why and how it is different from a regular business launch.

By finishing this module, you will have:

  • the irresistible offer that is too good to be rejected by your customers
  • up-sell, cross-sell and down-sell strategies to maximize your profit
  • marketing plan on one page how to bring your offer to the market

5. Growth Hacking

Finally, when you have appropriate marketing foundation for your startup, you will find out about measuring your startup’s business growth, what is a viral loop and how to create it, how to choose the right engine of growth, how to increase your profit and automate your marketing.

By finishing this module, you will have:

  • set of KPI’s to measure your business real growth
  • viral loop that makes your current clients to bring you new clients
  • marketing automation strategy and set of tools to turn it on autopilot


Now You Create Almost Any Kind Of Pages For Your Business Inside WordPress


Mentor and author of the course!

Dr. Donatas Jonikas holds a Ph.D. in Economics and a Master’s in Marketing Management with more than 12 years of experience in the field.

He has developed and helped to implement winning marketing strategies for more than 50 businesses in different countries and industries around the globe.

In order to write the Startup Evolution Curve, he did a global research on startups surveying 1,447 startup founders and running close to 500 additional in-depth interviews on how to start and successfully develop a startup business.

His marketing manual for startups was highly evaluated by more than 30 international experts including CEOs of startup ecosystems, serial entrepreneurs, angel and vetnure capital investors, startup mentors.

Here is what startup founders say

  • Vivek Jalan Vivek Jalan founder at Customate
    Donatas has great ideas on marketing and sales that can really be the difference between success and failure. He is very details oriented and I got a lot to learn from him. I will continue to look to him for his advice, which is always thorough and to the point.
  • Batukhan Taluy, Batukhan Taluy, Founder at Uservision
    I have talked with Donatas about how we can get better results with our marketing efforts. He has provided actionable insights and concrete solutions and further helped us tweak our way of creating campaigns in a cost-efficient and 'startup` friendly way. His knowledge could definitely be utilized for adding value to future endeavors and for solving major problems.
  • Dmitry Osipa Dmitry Osipa Founder at Uservision
    I asked Donatas to review our marketing strategy. He was happy to help. Donatas gave me multiple bright ideas how to improve our business model, marketing and sales strategy. Additionally he provided advices on our web-site to improve conversion rate. I recommend Donatas Jonikas as marketing and sales expert and looking forward for future cooperation.

Highly evaluated by more than 30 experts

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"I help early stage startups to become fundable and financially self sustainable FASTER".

- Dr. Donatas Jonikas, author of Startup Evolution Curve

The Simple System To Master Website Optimization

Warning! This course is not for…

  • “Fast money wizards”

    If someone thinks that just by buying the course, millions of dollars are going to magically start rolling into the bank account, this course is not for them. It takes a commitment to learn and actually requires your action to build a business, especially if we are talking about scalable startup. Results won’t come just because you bought the course. You have to actually use what you learn.

  • “Tire kickers”

    Some persons just want to “kind of” check things out. You can’t “kind of” create a successful startup that goes global just like that. Success doesn’t just “kind of” happen. You should want to put effort. I’m teaching “how to fish”, instead of giving a fish. This course is for people who are committed to use what they learn. If the commitment isn’t there, then this is NOT the right program for you and I ask that you please do not sign up.

  • “I know it all”

    What I’ll be sharing with you helped LOTS of successful startups to grow their business faster and avoid expensive pitfalls. I did the global research of 1,447 startups and nearly 500 in-depth interviews with founders to build the Startup Evolution Curve methodology. Even a serial entrepreneur from the Silicon Valley came to valuable insights while reading my book. But if for some reason you think that you know it all, this course is not for you.

Get started today - here is what you get:

Alberto Ratti

Startup Evolution Curve perfectly embodies all that is essential to becoming the definitive business manual: essential analysis; lean method; hands-on approach. Using an iterative and closed-loop process,  with tons of visual and practical takeaways, it is highly recommended for startup practitioners. And, as a seasoned business, we will want to keep it on our working desk - because it just goes straight to the point.

Alberto Ratti, Co-Founder BIBA Venture Partners
Anna Hejka

A very thoroughly researched and, what is more important, personally lived through must read for start-ups and prosperity seekers. Donatas provides us with useful tools to support our creativity and execution process, which is critical especially at the time of growth and expansion. If you want to achieve virality and brand affinity, I highly recommend it.

Anna Hejka, Serial Entrepreneur & Founder of VC/PE funds
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Do it Yourself


Best for those who want to do everything on their own and don’t need any help from the outside

  • Access to video course material
  • Templates & swipe files for download
  • Q&A in lesson comments section
Work with Mentor


This is an exclusive VIP package for those startup founders that can afford having me as their mentor and marketing supervisor.

  • Access to video course material
  • Templates & swipe files for download
  • Q&A in lesson comments section
  • Lifetime access to course updates
  • Startup self-assessment test
  • Certificate of course accomplishment
  • Possibility to unlock bonuses by making progress of your startup
  • Introductory one-on-one consultation with Dr. Donatas Jonikas
  • In-depth review of your business model or LEAN canvas
  • Autographed book with personal dedication for you


I’ve created this package for those startup founders who are on a very tight budget. This package is for you if you want to do everything on your own and you don’t need any help from the outside. ‘Do it Yourself’ package includes:

  • 12 months access to course material and updates means that you’ll have unlimited access to all updates, templates and swipe files for 12 months since your sign up. I’m constantly working on improving the course, adding new material, updating templates. You will get it at no extra cost!
  • Templates, swipe files and list of online tools to make speed light progress while others do the same tasks manually. I’m constantly updating these templates, swipe files and list of tools and you’ll have access to all of them!
  • Questions & answers in comments below each video lesson. If you any questions from particular lesson or practical task, share it in the learning platform in comments below the video. I check them and reply on weekly basis.



This is the most popular and balanced package that includes everything from previous plus lifetime access to course updates, self-assessment test and possibility to unlock additional bonuses that will be very helpful is certain stages of your startup development.

  • Lifetime access to course material and updates - as long as this course is online, you’ll have unlimited access to all updates, templates and swipe files.
  • Certificate of Startup Evolution Curve program accomplishment. You’ll get the certificate after finishing the program and passing the test. You can add it to your CV or show to your employees if you wish.
  • Self-assessment test will help you to find out your weakest spots and to track your progress.
  • Unlock bonuses with your progress. To help you develop your startup faster I have negotiated and agreed with respected partners to provide you highly valuable BONUSES upon completing particular modules of the course. The more tasks you complete, the more bonuses you unlock and develop your startup even faster!


This is an exclusive VIP package that includes everything from previous plus my personal support and consultation at the beginning of the course.

  • Introductory consultation includes one on one 45 minutes welcome session with me, Dr. Donatas Jonikas. We will discuss the results of your self-assessment test, set up your main goals, and decide where you should focus most of your attention during the course.
  • In-depth review of your business model or LEAN canvas means that I will check your business model. I will provide you at least 3 ideas (usually it is MUCH more) what and how to improve in your startup marketing.
  • You will get an autographed book with personal dedication. I will autograph a paperback copy of Startup Evolution Curve and send it to you after we have our first Skype meeting.

100% Risk FREE - you have nothing to lose!

Donatas Jonikas, PhD, Author of Startup Evolution Curve

Im 100% confident that you are going to be completely satisfied with your purchase. If for any reason you’re not happy, I stand by my full 30 days money back guarantee.

  • Line Seminars in Startup Accelerators

    Wow how great it is
  • Individual consultation

    Awesome benefits. I wonder how to do that


Let’s be honest, if you want to get results, you must put at least some efforts in it. But if you decide for any reason that this course is not for you or it requires too much of your effort from you, I’ll refund you 100% money back. Just show me you’re doing the exercises, and I’ll immediately send you a prompt and courteous refund.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to have a startup already?

No, it’s not necessary. But you would benefit most from this course if you would have at least some startup ideas.

Is it really step-by-step?

Absolutely! Just follow the system: learn from video lessons and do practical tasks for your homework.

Can you guarantee that my startup will get funded and start earning revenue?

Business is not being built just by watching a video lesson or reading a book. You need to take right actions at the right time. I can’t guarantee if you get funded or your sales will skyrocket, but if you follow these steps, you’ll develop a validated business model and your startup will become much more interesting to potential investors. Or at least you’ll find out that your startup business idea is not worth investing your time and money and you should pivot instead of wasting months of your precious time and personal savings into “training a dead horse”.

How long will it take to see results? Is it really enough 45 min a day?

I want to be frank with you: building a successful startup is not as simple as riding a bike. Not everyone succeeds. But with this course you’ll have much better chances, because it is based on the experience of hundreds of successful startups. I’ve put the essential methodologies and tools into short lessons and practical tasks to help you stay focused and save your time.

If you can’t spend 45 minutes a day on your startup development (learn a lesson and do the task), this course is not for you! Maybe, you even should not be thinking about building a startup, if you can’t find such tiny fraction of time for it…

How will the progresses of my startup be measured?

You will get access to self-assessment test before you start the course. It will help you to identify current achievements of your startup development in all five stages of Startup Evolution Curve and decide where to focus your attention. You can print the detailed report with all questions, your answers and score. Later you can run this test again and measure your progress.

How can I be sure Startup Evolution Curve program is right for me?

If you have any concerns about whether the course may be right for you or for where you are right now in your startup business, try it out risk-free for 30 days. If you feel it doesn’t meet your needs, simply email to my team at support@evolutioncurve.com and request a refund within the first 30 days from your original date of purchase.

Unlike many other courses, I provide a real money-back guarantee that ensures you are happy with your purchase. My goal is to earn your trust and long-term business, not sell you a one-off product.

Do I get lifetime access?

YES! As long as this course is online, you’ll have unlimited access to all updates, templates and swipe files.

When does the course start and finish?

The course will be recorded in September, 2017 and will never end! It is a completely self-paced online course – you decide when you start and when you finish.

Do I get access to everything all at once?

Yes, you get access to everything right away. You can attack the material at any pace you want, but I recommend staying in order.

I have a question, who should I ask?

If have any questions that are not covered here, shoot them via email to support@evolutioncurve.com


Startup Evolution Curve system is in pre-launch mode (the course will start on October 1st). Therefore current offer is the best value ever. Seriously! Once the course is out, the price will go up and some bonuses will be removed forever.

I will personally take care and work with startup founders, therefore number of students is LIMITED!