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Startup Evolution Curve is a Step-by-Step Manual how to:

  • validate your startup idea and build a business around it
  • attract investors with funds and powerful network
  • start earning sustainable revenue
  • and get ready to scale!

Based on Global Scientific Research

Highly Evaluated by More than 30 Experts

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  • 1

    Value Proposition Design Template

    Don't create products and services blindly. Find out your customer's most painful problems, desired needs and annoying everyday jobs in order to create fantastic products and services that customers love!

  • 2

    Experiment Task & Result Cards

    True startups always challenge new great ideas. But business success depends on how welcomed your ideas are in the real market. Clear almost any uncertainty by rising and checking right hypothesis!

  • 3

    Business Model Canvas

    Creating a good product or service is one part of the job. Another one is monetizing it! Develop your business model and update it as you get new information vital to your business.

  • 4

    Marketing Plan Scheme

    Planning your marketing activity is much easier, if you know how to do it in a simple way. This template allows you creating a simple visualized marketing plan on a single page!

  • 5

    Marketing Schedule Spreadsheet

    Once you have a one page marketing plan, get everything under control with this spreadsheet: what and when should be done, who's responsible for what and how much will it cost you in each stage.

  • 6

    Startup Budget Spreadsheet

    Each startup should clearly know current "cash burn" rate and it's financial perspectives. This spreadsheet will help you easily prepare your budget estimations for 24 month.

  • 7

    Fundraising Series Spreadsheet

    Be absolutely clear about invested capital and share ownership before and after each fundraising series.

  • Much more to be discovered...

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Get 100 pages from the book

Find out how to do the market feasibility study

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Check 100 Pages of The Book for FREE!

You can also download more than 100 pages from the book for FREE. This excerpt covers the whole Stage 1 where you will find out why and how to do the market feasibility study before investing your time and money.

50% Complete

Get 100 pages from the book

Find out how to do the market feasibility study

I value and respect your privacy. You can opt-out at any time!

Alberto Ratti

Startup Evolution Curve perfectly embodies all that is essential to becoming the definitive business manual: essential analysis; lean method; hands-on approach. Using an iterative and closed-loop process,  with tons of visual and practical takeaways, it is highly recommended for startup practitioners. And, as a seasoned business, we will want to keep it on our working desk - because it just goes straight to the point.

Alberto Ratti, Co-Founder BIBA Venture Partners
Anna Hejka

A very thoroughly researched and, what is more important, personally lived through must read for start-ups and prosperity seekers. Donatas provides us with useful tools to support our creativity and execution process, which is critical especially at the time of growth and expansion. If you want to achieve virality and brand affinity, I highly recommend it.

Anna Hejka, Serial Entrepreneur & Founder of VC/PE funds

Author of Startup Evolution Curve

Dr. Donatas Jonikas holds a Ph.D. in Economics and a Master’s in Marketing Management with more than 18 years of experience in the field.

He has developed and helped to implement winning marketing strategies for more than 50 businesses in different countries and industries around the globe.

In order to write the Startup Evolution Curve, he did a global research on startups surveying 1,447 startup founders and running close to 500 additional in-depth interviews on how to start and successfully develop a startup business.

His marketing manual for startups was highly evaluated by more than 30 international experts including CEOs of startup ecosystems, serial entrepreneurs, angel and venture capital investors, startup mentors.

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Here is What Startup Founders Say

  • Vivek Jalan Vivek Jalan founder at Customate
    Donatas has great ideas on marketing and sales that can really be the difference between success and failure. He is very details oriented and I got a lot to learn from him. I will continue to look to him for his advice, which is always thorough and to the point.
  • Batukhan Taluy, Batukhan Taluy, Founder at Uservision
    I have talked with Donatas about how we can get better results with our marketing efforts. He has provided actionable insights and concrete solutions and further helped us tweak our way of creating campaigns in a cost-efficient and 'startup` friendly way. His knowledge could definitely be utilized for adding value to future endeavors and for solving major problems.
  • Dmitry Osipa Dmitry Osipa Founder at Uservision
    I asked Donatas to review our marketing strategy. He was happy to help. Donatas gave me multiple bright ideas how to improve our business model, marketing and sales strategy. Additionally he provided advices on our web-site to improve conversion rate. I recommend Donatas Jonikas as marketing and sales expert and looking forward for future cooperation.